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Lucy from Lovell, Maine

lucy rogers
I worked for over 30 years as a nurse and now at age 63 I find myself with only catastrophic health care coverage for which I pay $4100 per year.  I’ve used up most of the savings I had paying for preventative treatment and trying to start a small business.  However, as with most new businesses, I’ve yet to show a profit so I’m trying to get by on just a small Social Security retirement benefit.  Because my income is below 100% of the Federal Poverty Level I am not eligible for a Premium Tax Credit through the Affordable Care Act.  My hope is that the Maine Legislature will do the right thing and accept the federal money that has been set aside to cover people like me under the MaineCare program.
I contributed to the system for over 30 years – both in direct care to patients and by paying my taxes.  My current health issues make it difficult for me to work long hours now and I’m unable to earn enough money to buy a comprehensive health care policy.  As a nurse I know how critical preventative care is and it’s pretty scary knowing that once what little savings I have left is gone, my access to preventative services will be limited.  I feel the State of Maine is doing a disservice to its residents by not accepting the federal funds and making health care accessible to all."